glttf::Tesselator Class Reference

A tesselator utility. More...

#include <tesselator.h>

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Public Member Functions

 Tesselator (Vectorizer &vectorizer, int windingRule)
 Create a new tesselator and tesselate.
 ~Tesselator ()
 Destroy this tesselator.
void draw (float nx=0.0f, float ny=0.0f, float nz=1.0f, float z=0.0f) const
 Draw the tesselated result.

Detailed Description

A tesselator utility.

A wrapper for GLU tesselators that saves the triangulated result of the tesselation.

Riku Salminen

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

glttf::Tesselator::Tesselator ( Vectorizer vectorizer,
int  windingRule 

Create a new tesselator and tesselate.

Create a new GLU tesselator, tesselate the vectorizer's contours, deallocate all used memory, and destroy the GLU tesselator.

vectorizer the vectorizer which has the countours to be tesselated
windingRule the winding rule of the glyph (glyph->outline.flags)
std::runtime_error if there's not enough memory for the tesselation, a GLU tesselator can't be created or there is a tesselation error.
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Member Function Documentation

void glttf::Tesselator::draw ( float  nx = 0.0f,
float  ny = 0.0f,
float  nz = 1.0f,
float  z = 0.0f 
) const

Draw the tesselated result.

nx the x component of the normal vector of the tesselated polygon
ny the y component of the normal vector of the tesselated polygon
nz the z component of the normal vector of the tesselated polygon
z the depth (z coordinate) where to draw the tesselated polygon

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