glttf::Vectorizer Class Reference

A vectorizer utility. More...

#include <vectorizer.h>

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Public Types

typedef std::pair< float,
float > 
 A vertex.
typedef std::list< VertexContour
 A contour.
typedef std::list< ContourContourList
 A list of contours.

Public Member Functions

 Vectorizer (const FT_Outline &outline, int subdiv)
 Create a new vectorizer.
const ContourListgetContours () const
 Get all contours.
int getNumVertices () const
 Get the number of vertices.

Detailed Description

A vectorizer utility.

A utility to vectorize the outlines of glyphs and evaluate bezier splines.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

glttf::Vectorizer::Vectorizer ( const FT_Outline &  outline,
int  subdiv 

Create a new vectorizer.

Creates a new vectorizer and evaluates the outline.

The subdiv parameter indicates the level of subdivision for the bezier splines in the outline. Greater value is more subdivision and detail. Higher levels of subdivision add complexity and memory usage and reduce speed. Values equal to or smaller than 1 result in no subdivision.

outline the outline of the glyph
subdiv the level of subdivision for bezier splines

Member Function Documentation

const ContourList& glttf::Vectorizer::getContours (  )  const

Get all contours.

a list of all the contours

int glttf::Vectorizer::getNumVertices (  )  const

Get the number of vertices.

the number of vertices in all of the contours combined

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